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Brow Lamination

What does it do? Brow lamination will help you achieve a fuller and fluffier brow. The bonds in the hair are relaxed, allowing the brows to be brushed into any desired shape and stay in place without brow gel! The beauty of this is that you can choose how to style your brows day to day, they can be brushed out to be fluffy or smoothed down to be snatched. It's all up to you. Brow laminations last up to 6 weeks and also come with a tint and wax.

Who's it for?  Laminations are great for individuals who have curly brow hairs or hairs that grow sideways or pointed downward. If you want to achieve a fuller and fluffier brow that stays in place, this is for you. Stop chemical exfoliants and prescription skincare topicals 2 weeks before lamination. Stop all exfoliants around the brows 5 days before. Lamination cannot be done if you’ve been on antibiotics in the last 2 weeks or if you're sunburnt. You cannot be exposed to sweat, steam or water for 24 hours after lamination.




45 minutes


8-12 weeks

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