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But wait there's more...
who doesn't love a good add on?

Hydrojelly masque for extract hydration

30 minute LED treatment for acne and aging

Dermaplaning to remove dead skin and hair

Brow wax
and shaping

CryoTherapy masque to hydrate and calm acne and sunburns


Virtual Appointments

What does it do? A 30-minute virtual appointment to help you gain insight into your skin and achieve your skincare goals. Before the appointment, you’ll complete a questionnaire so that we can pinpoint factors in your life that may be affecting your skin. You’ll receive personalized guidance and a recommendation for a customized skincare routine that’s tailored to your needs. Utilize this time to ask any questions and receive expert answers. Let's work together for radiant and healthy skin!

Who's it for? Virtual appointments are ideal for long-distance clients, individuals who are unable to get a facial in-person but want expert advice on their skin, or people who want a customized skincare routine made to improve their unique skin.




30 minutes


As needed

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